Witch, please!

Witch, please!

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Introducing the ULTIMATE Halloween snack pack! 

Halloween Pez now back in stock! 

Snack pack includes:

x1 Hubba Bubba tape 

x1 Mike & Ike Mega Mix Sour 

x1 Wizz Fizz

x2 Zombie Chews 

x1 Reeses Pieces Theatre Box

x1 Triple Push Pop

x1 Skittles Rotten Zombie (includes 12 mini packs)

x1 Pez (assorted)

x1 JoJo Crazy Coffin

x1 Toxic Waste Drum 

x1 Warheads All Mixed Up

x1 Lips Eyeballs

x1 Eyeball Marshmallow 

x2 Ghost Drops

x1 Chupa Chups - Paint Your Tongue 


Savvy Snackers reserves the right to substitute products and items when products or ingredients may not be available. All substitutions are of similar quality and value. May contain traces of nuts.