Big Daddy

Big Daddy

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This delicious snack pack includes the limited edition Kit Kat Biscoff, not to mention a bunch of other tasty treats that are just waiting to be sent to that special someone! Ready to deliver straight to your door! 

Snack pack includes

x1 Goldkenn Captain Morgan Chocolate

x1 Scorched Peanut Bites

x1 Old Gold Roast Peanut and Honeycomb 

x1 Cadbury Chocolate Coated Almonds

x1 Lotus KitKat Biscoff (Limited Edition)

x1 Nestle Chocolate Golden Rough Bar

x1 Toblerone Gift Pouch

x1 Cadbury Flake Caramilk


Savvy Snackers reserves the right to substitute products and items when products or ingredients may not be available. All substitutions are of similar quality and value. May contain traces of nuts.